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Less than half a year ago, few would have thought that we would greet the outstanding talents of the 2015-2016 academic year in front of such a large audience. Compared to the original idea, and surpassing it by far, in 2017, the Foundation supports eighteen young people achieving above-average results, in a total amount of about two million Hungarian forints. Students and young athletes applied for financial support, such as for the purchase of IT equipment, for contribution to participation in academic competitions, training camps, or for the reimbursement of travel expenses, and for the purchase of sports equipment, hoping for a positive decision by the board of trustees.

On Monday, the 13th February 2017, in a ceremony held in the impressive glass hall of the Palace of Arts, the award winners and close to one hundred guests were greeted by Zoltán Kovács founder and Anita Kovács President of the Board of Trustees. The members of the Board of Trustees, Mrs. Szilas, Judit Mészáros and Dr. Balázs Szűcs, as well as invited guests of honor, such as Gábor Schmidt, President of the Hungarian Kayak-Canoe Federation, Éva Dónusz, eternal champion, junior captain, Danuta Kozák five-time Olympic champion, and Rudolf Dombi Olympic champion were also present. The atmosphere of the event was highly elevated by a piano recital by Viktória Kellner and a performance by the BONTON Dance Sports Association of Érd.



The supported students studying in Érd and junior kayakers/canoeists received a commemorative plaque and a certificate, while the moderator praised their world-class results. At the end of the evening there was an opportunity to have a glass of champagne and an informal discussion as well, and many seized the moment that allowed them to leave the everyday rush behind and mix and mingle with their role models, leaders and relatives.

The application documents, along with the supplemental documents, had to be sent to the head office of the Foundation by the 15th of January. The decision on awarding financial support was made by the three-member Board of Trustees based on the results, but often social aspects were also considered.

Talent in itself, without diligence, is not enough for outstanding performance, however, to be able to focus on the goals continuously, ideally, serene conditions are required. One of the main objectives of the István Kovács Foundation is to assist motivated and also diligent youngsters in smooth preparation by alleviating their everyday problems.

The mission of the organization, in tribute to the memory of the person after whom it was named, to continue his spiritual legacy and a positive future, is to support the education and sports career of talented youngsters. This year the Board of Trustees called for applications of the best secondary school students studying in Érd and junior kayakers/canoeists.

List of supported talents in 2017:

  • Márk Balaska, kayaker/canoeist, Budapest Honvéd SE (Sports Club)
  • András Bíró, student studying in Érd, Mihály Vörösmarty Secondary School
  • Erik Ferenc Csokor, kayaker/canoeist, FTC Kayak/Canoe Section
  • Patrik Fekete, kayaker/canoeist, KSI
  • Bálint Gergő, kayaker/canoeist, FTC Kayak/Canoe Section
  • Valentin Iván Kirkov, kayaker/canoeist, FTC Kayak/Canoe Section
  • Mátyás Kolleszár, kayaker/canoeist, Budapest Honvéd SE
  • Bence Csaba Kováts, student studying in Érd, Mihály Vörösmarty Secondary School
  • Viktor Máté Németh, kayaker/canoeist, Budapest Honvéd SE
  • Sándor Balázs Pajer, student studying in Érd, Mihály Vörösmarty Secondary School
  • Ádám Petró, kayaker/canoeist, FTC Kayak/Canoe Section
  • Erik Petró, kayaker/canoeist, FTC Kayak/Canoe Section
  • Szabina Piller, kayaker/canoeist, Budapest Honvéd SE
  • Fruzsina Lilla Racskó, kayaker/canoeist, KSI
  • Attila Szőke, kayaker/canoeist, Lágymányos SPARI Aquatic Sports Club
  • Dorka Varga, student studying in Érd, Mihály Vörösmarty Secondary School
  • Péter Vass, kayaker/canoeist, Dunafüred Aquatic Sports Club
  • Artúr Végh, student studying in Érd, wrestler, Érd Spartacus Sport Club / Károly Kós Vocational School

For further information on the activity of the István Kovács Foundation and the results of those supported, please visit the website at

Contact details of the István Kovács Foundation:

1112 Budapest, Tippan u. 1. 401.
+36 70 708 3991

Yours sincerely,
Budapest, 14th February 2016

Anita Kovács
President of the Board of Trustees

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