Every end is also the beginning of something new. This is particularly true in the case of the István Kovács Foundation, as the person after whom it was named, who in his life was a dominant personality in the city of Érd, was laid to rest in February 2016. In tribute to his memory, for continuing his spiritual legacy and a positive future, the family decided to establish a foundation for supporting the education of youngsters achieving outstanding results and outstanding athletes.


The objective of the Foundation is to provide support on the one hand to students studying at the primary and secondary schools of Érd, City with County Rights, doing an outstanding job in the field of studying, sports, arts and community work, and to reward the junior athletes of the successful sport of kayaking-canoeing.

Knowledge is power! – said Francis Bacon, and the person after whom the Foundation was named, the late István Kovács could completely identify with that. He was a young student at a time when few could line up behind this slogan and take advantage of the opportunities created by knowledge, however, for him the acquisition of knowledge was the most important compass in life.

The acquisition and possession of knowledge, and exploiting it in the interest of the community, is a treasure and a privilege at the same time. Our Foundation was established for the purpose of helping and rewarding individuals whose desire for knowledge is outstanding, but are in need of help to unfold their talent, or face financial barriers. Our objective is to assist children at a stage of life when it is already evident that they stand out from the crowd in something. We want every child to become a smart, intelligent, responsible adult with our support.